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Hey everyone.  My goal increating this blog is not only create a forum for people to talk about all things NAM, but also a chance for you to interact with me in an informal environment.  If you have any questions, please post them!  If you want to tell me about your NAM experience, please post it!  If you have any suggestions for me, please post them!  Do you see a theme starting here…. 🙂  I look forward to hearing from you. 

Thanks, Matt

Author: Matt Leverton

Hello, my name is Matt Leverton. I am the state director for the North Carolina, Georgia, South Florida, Tennessee, South Carolina, Kentucky and Oregon pageants for National American Miss.

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  1. Hey Matt, I won the Most Promising Model in Tennessee this year. I was wondering about the modeling scholarship and where will i be able to attend? Thanks!

  2. Hey Matt, my daughter was in the South Carolina Princess. She won the best Thank You note. She was also entered in the Talent part but there was no piano when we got there. If everything works out we will be back in 2009. If you can’t get a piano please let me know about to 2 days before and I will bring my piano. We all really did enjoy the pageant.
    Step D.

  3. Hey Stephanie,

    Thanks for visiting the blog. The hotel does not have a piano that we can use. I had a piano rented for the pageant, but the company simply never showed up. I have looked into renting from another company for the 2009 pageant, but the prices have been very high. I think you can plan on not having a piano at the 2009 pageant, so if you have a keyboard that you can bring, so ahead and plan on that.


  4. Hi,Matt!
    I have a question about the Golden Achievement in Service Award. I have to say this is by far Olivia’s favorite thing to get ready for regarding Nationals. Olivia’s favorite thing to do is Volunteering. She has many hours ,and two projects she has started and led-one for the Ronald McDonald House she will enter for the G.A. in Service Award. Can you give us some tips on what exactly the judges might be looking for in this project? What I mean is, we have the form sent from NAM. I have read the instructions and we have TONS of pictures from her project. We will write the essay. I have had advice from someone who captured this award 2 years ago, say turn in a scrapbook with your pictures, and telling about it. I am not sure how much is too much. Of course, we could go ON and ON about it, but didn’t know if we should stick with the pamplet we received and put a select pictures in that, or turn in a “book of sort” which is what we did last year, and attach the G.A. Service pamplet with it. Sorry so long……just trying to get the feel of what the judges want, since we never get to see or hear about the girl who wins this awesome award!
    I thought I would just ask you on your blog!
    Thanks Matt!

  5. Jennifer,

    I just spoke with Kathleen Mayes, the national director, to get an answer to your question. She told me that there are combination of factors that goes in to the judging.

    1. The number of hours worked.
    2. The depth of the hours worked. (Think of this as the importance of the work. Working at a nursing home vs. riding in a parade)
    3. Supporting Documentation. (Pictures, letters of varification, DVD of acutal events where she worked)

  6. Thanks Matt! That is very much appreciated and helpful.Thanks for Kathleen, too!
    Jennifer and Olivia

    PS…..getting very excited about Nationals!!!!!!

  7. Hello Matt, I had so much fun at the state pageant. the inteveiw was so much fun I enjoyed talking to each one of the judges. I enjoyed getting to know each one of the girls, it was so much fun at the rehearsals(i cant wait until nationals, NAM ROCKS OUT LOUD!!!). I am a coach for the chargers cheerleading team,teaching the girls was so much fun. when we were at the practices I had so much fun getting to know the girls and to be able to teach them all kinds of new cheers.I loved watching them do the cheers.I also was voted as senator in my school to represent north central. as a senator I get the chance to put in my advice about what to do for our school. I also won pride of the princpal, which is when you are chosen out of your grade to represent our school. I also voluntered in a bonzi program, it is a program where inner city kids come to learn music, fitness, reading and much MORE!!!! I enjoyed taking pictures with all of the children and getting a chance to get to know each and everyone of them as an individuale. thanks for everything Matt!!!

  8. Hello Matt, Thanks for another awesome year at State. This year was even better than the first! I met new life long friends and saw girls from the previous two years. The staff was amazing they helped me with everything I needed help with, and answered all of my questions. The rehearsals were so much fun I got to meet more girls and the staff. So far this year as Miss Jr-Teen Miss South Carolina I have met Senator Vincent Sheen. I am volunteering at the local Recreation Department with helping coach girls from the ages of 8-10 cheerleading! We make banners for the teams to run through. Which by the way is an experience that I will never forget. The girls were wild, but it’s a memory I will cherish forever. I am volunteering at the local Bonsai with my younger sister Aundrea. We volunteer with helping the inner-city kids with their homework, staying in shape and becoming approachable to the other kids. They make lifelong friends and meet relatives they never knew they had. They all are a joy to be around. The age range is from 6 months to 18 so we run around allot! I also volunteer at the local K.A.R.E. it is a place where the less fortunate can come and buy clothes for low prices, they also seek medical help there and food assistance. This year is my first year of High School and it has really been fun actually. I was elected for Student Council. High School offers me the chance to join various clubs and organizations. So far I have joined FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) where we have multiple meetings each week and talk about God and how important he is to us and what would we be without him. I have joined Interact Club were we go into the city and help the elder , and do jobs around their homes that they themselves cannot do anymore like cleaning the gutters, painting their house, and doing roof repairs. We hold activates in the community for the kids to come and just have fun. I am in SADD (Students against Drinking and Driving)I hold the fifth highest number of AR points (Accelerated Reader)in the school. It is program where you read books and take test to see how well you understood the book. I saved the best for last I wanted you to know I made the Varsity Cheerleading team. We did so good at our camp at Clemson University that we were invited to participate in half-time of the Orange Bowl! Isn’t is Amazing! Matt I just want to say Thank You! Thank You for this opportunity to represent this Glorious state of South Carolina. Thanks for bringing this pageant to South Carolina. You make many girls wishes and dreams come true with this pageant. I hope National American Miss continues this pageant for a very long time. As you might say, I AM very grateful. (Get it? lol)Thanks Again!

    Christy Green
    Miss Jr-Teen Miss South Carolina 2008-09

  9. P.S. I can’t wait until Nationals! Here we come California…See you there! I can’t wait to create another lifelong memory! 🙂

  10. Hello Matt, needless to say you are making a diffrence in these girls lives.Aundreas first time when she sat at your table at state she said mom i want to be in this pageant,she saw that not only how fun the pageant was.The staff made a big impression on her she was talking about how nice they were and how they were with the girls at practice,she saw how friendly the girls were so believe me when i say she could not wait to be in the pageant.this pageant was so much of a blast for her that she went to school telling not only the teachers her classmates as well,to inspire them she let them know if i can do it you can to the best thing is that how much fun your going to have.never say never.go out and give it your best.Matt all i can say is keep doing what your doing and a job well make your pageants fun and exciting and from what i see the kids are enjoying every minute of it.Thanks again for putting on such a great pageant.see you in CALI!!!!!The girls are looking forward to meeting there pageant sisters.

  11. I think you do a swell job every year making all the girls feel special and unique! Just wanted to say we have stopped participating in other pageants because of the way they are ran, and will always come back to NAM because of the experiences we have had. My daughter has not been in the top 10 in NAM as of yet, maybe this year, but even so, she has gained poise and confidence she wouldn’t have had if she hadn’t participated. She has learned to lose with grace, and be excited for her best friend that has won different awards. I am very proud of the young lady she is growing into, and every year I swell with pride, even when she doesn’t stand up there in the final group, because she does an amazing job and she has such a great spirit. Thanks for making these experiences special for her.

  12. Just wanted to know if it were possible to start a discussion for parents who want to post dresses for sale, shoes, outfits…i know we have Ebay, but thought it might be possible for the parents to have another outlet on clearing the pageant closets as our daughters move to new age groups, and we have to clear out some of the younger dresses/shoes/suits…etc

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