Pageant Director Tells All! Why I Love My Job.

When I meet new people, they often ask, “What do you do?”  With a grin, I reply “I’m a pageant director!”  That always prompts them ask follow up questions and gives me the opportunity to tell them about our organization. 

One of my favorite parts of being a director are the letters that I get after the pageant from parents and contestants.  I literally have a file drawer full of them!  I get the sweetest letters telling me how the pageant experience has impacted their lives.  They talk to me about the confidence they have gained, the friends they made, how they were shy before and now have come out of their shell.  I am often told that now they aren’t scared to try new things like running for student government, trying out for a team, that through the pageant they have gained that self-esteem to be able to step out and be a leader among their peers.  The letters are truly inspirational. 

One letter I got about a year ago was from the sweetest little girl.  As a project for school they had to write a thank you letter to someone other than a family member, and she picked me!  OK, first of all, how cool is it a an educator is teaching kids not only math, science and reading, but also to be thankful and grateful, that is so cool in my opinion.  But most of how, how touched do you think I was that this little girl chose me to single out and say thank you to!  I don’t care how bad of a day you are having, something like that puts a smile on your face.  In this letter, she simply stated that she was so thankful for all the pageant had done for her, the confidence, the self-esteem, the friends, it truly was a beautiful letter.

My joy of this job comes from knowing that I am making a difference!  I think as human beings we are all searching for purpose, and I have found mine.  Through this program I have the opportunity to meet the most amazing kids and their families and play a role in their future. 

To all of you, thank you for giving me a chance to be part of you lives, I have truly been blessed. 


Author: Matt Leverton

Hello, my name is Matt Leverton. I am the state director for the North Carolina, Georgia, South Florida, Tennessee, South Carolina, Kentucky and Oregon pageants for National American Miss.

4 thoughts on “Pageant Director Tells All! Why I Love My Job.”

  1. I would like to say that if you have children taking the time sit and write you a Thank You note ,you must be doing something right! There is no doubt in my mind that you deserved a big thank you and you and NAM made an impression on that child ,Matt. I have seen how you ,and other NAM directors as well, take the time to stop and encourage all the girls. What we love is that all different kinds of girls are represented through NAM and you guys never make one feel less special than another. It truly is a special system, and Olivia has learned so much through it.
    I have to say that my daughter has spent the last 4 years doing the National American Miss Pageant, and we have no regrets! She has never “brought home the crown” but I can say that is not what we feel is it is all about when we are spending the week at a NAM pageant. We feel encouraged by other families, and directors, and watching some of the girls Olivia has been doing NAM with for the longest time and seeing their accomplishments and how they have grown! PRICELESS!
    Olivia has never once felt inadequate when she left after not being named a “winner”-she has been told (by NAM) she is a winner for being there, and she believes that! Thanks Matt, and all you other great families, for making it THAT kind of pageant!

    Jennifer Wright, Olivia’s mom, TN Jr. Preteen

  2. What a wonderful pageant experience we have had for the past 3 years with NAMISS! Brittany really looks forward to the NAMISS pageant every year! She has never been a “shy” child but her confidence & self esteem are at an all time high. The first year she competed she did not make the top 20, the 2nd year she made the top 20 and qualified for Nationals, and this year she was 3rd runner up in the TN teen division. She has never had any pageant training and is as natural as they come! She has become a better public speaker because of the NAMISS pageant and has become very poised and her confidence has really grown. Thanks Matt for making this pageant the BEST pageant Brittany has ever participated in!

  3. Hi, Cindy! This is Jennifer, Olivia’s Mom, from Smartt Steps! We have enjoyed watching Brittany grow up and she HAS gotten better each year with NAM! Are you guys going to Nationals? We would love to see you there, and if not maybe we will see you soon here in Hendersonville. Small World, huh?

    For anyone reading, this Cindy has so much to be proud of -Brittany seems to be a wonderful young lady, and I know volunteers a lot here in our community AND is QUITE THE DANCER!

    Jennifer ,Olivia’s Mom from Hendersonville, TN

  4. Jennifer,
    Ahhh Thanks for your kind words! It made me feel so proud. I will share this with Brittany. Olivia is such a little doll, I know you are so proud of her too!!! I don’t think we will make Nationals this year, unfortunately…Brittany is dancing at Jams, Smartt Steps and she is a golden girl so we have many out of town trips planned for dance. We will definately be planning to participate in the NAMISS pageant EVERY year. I hope to see you & Olivia in H’ville or maybe at the dance recital. Take care & best of luck at Nationals. Go Olivia!!!

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