What is the National American Miss Open Call?

What is the National American Miss Open Call?

The open call is an information session where you will  hear all about the National American Miss Pageant.  Our program is a lot different and we are proud of it, so we like to have people come meet us, see some video and hear about the pageant.

While at the open call you will watch a short presentation about the pageant, you will receive information about the pageant that you can take home, you will fill out an application, and you will sit with one of our staff people for a brief interview.  The Open Call is 100% free to attend!

The whole event will take about an hour.  You will want to bring a picture or snapshot of yourself, a school picture is fine, and a note pad if you would like to take notes.

See you there!


Author: Matt Leverton

Hello, my name is Matt Leverton. I am the state director for the North Carolina, Georgia, South Florida, Tennessee, South Carolina, Kentucky and Oregon pageants for National American Miss.

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