Stephanie Hall 2009 National American Miss South Carolina Farewell

Stephanie Hall 2009 National American Miss South Carolina Farewell

Wow, I am not even sure where to begin! The past year as your South Carolina miss queen has been the most exciting, enlightening, and rewarding time of my life. It’s hard to believe that time has passed so quickly, but I would not trade the experience for anything! My journey with the National American Miss organization began nearly five years ago, and I have been so impressed with every aspect of the pageant. It has been such a huge honor to represent you all here and at the national competition in California!

My year of reign has been full of exhilarating experiences! I made many new friends during my visits to Skylan Retirement Home. Being involved with the March of Dimes event in Columbia, the Special Olympics in Greenville, and the Carolina Pregnancy Center in Spartanburg could not have been more rewarding.

My platform, raising cancer awareness among young adults, was inspired by my mother’s battle with breast cancer. I can’t tell you how much having this title at this specific time has helped me. Being able to share my family’s story with people and walking in memory of my mom at various Relay for Life events was such a humbling experience. I had the chance to reach out to people I might never have been able to reach otherwise. What a blessing!

Of course, none of this would have been possible without my amazing support group. First I want to thank my family for always believing in me, no matter what.  Matt, you are the best state director I could ever hope for! Thanks so much for all your advice and support, (and for making me try sushi–it wasn’t so bad after all!). Mrs. Kunz, thank you for being my “pageant mom,” I don’t know what I would have done without you and MK.  I’ll never forget the crazy memories from Nationals! Erin, Riley, Catherine, Monika, Sabrina, and Mary Katherine, we will always be sisters. I love you guys with all my heart!

Lastly, I want to wish all of the contestants the best of luck. Remember, you are winners just for making it this far. You guys are so talented, smart, and beautiful from the inside out. Never let anyone tell you otherwise! And to all the new queens, make the most of every second of your reign. It will be a year you’ll never forget!

Love always,

Stephanie Hall 2009 National American Miss South Carolina

Author: Matt Leverton

Hello, my name is Matt Leverton. I am the state director for the North Carolina, Georgia, South Florida, Tennessee, South Carolina, Kentucky and Oregon pageants for National American Miss.

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