National American Miss Winners

Check our our 2010 National American Miss Queens.

Check out our 2010 National American Miss Queens:

Baleigh Hawkins -Miss Georgia Princess Queen

Rayven Bailey – Miss Georgia Jr.Pre-Teen Queen

Airiana Carlos-Lee – Miss Georgia Pre-Teen Queen

Kierra Jarman – Miss Georgia Jr.Teen Queen

Jordan Meachum – Miss Georgia Jr. Teen Cover Girl

Amanda Moreno – Miss Georgia Teen Queen

Karli Barnett – Miss Georgia Miss Queen

Mikayla Montgomery – Miss North Carolina Princess Queen

Joselyn Mata – Miss North Carolina Princess Cover Girl

Morgan Strahley – Miss North Carolina Jr. Pre-Teen Queen

Lea’ Bowen – Miss North Carolina Jr. Pre-Teen Cover Girl

Kristen  Johnson – Miss North Carolina Pre-Teen Queen

Chelsey Bennett –  Miss North Carolina Jr. Teen Queen

Rachel Earley – Miss North Carolina Jr. Teen Queen

Marilyn Rocco – Miss North Carolina Jr. Teen Cover Girl

A’storia Hill – Miss North Carolina Teen Queen

Staci Alden – Miss North Carolina Miss Queen

Rachel Saletta – Miss North Carolina Teen Cover Girl

Terricka Holmes – Miss South Carolina Princess Queen

Jada Orr – Miss South Carolina Jr. Pre-Teen Queen

Jada Orr – Miss South Carolina Jr. Pre-Teen Cover Girl

Brianna Williams – Miss South Carolina Pre-Teen Queen

Megan Goodson – Miss South Carolina Jr. Teen Queen

Kelsey Nyman – Miss South Carolina Teen Queen

Autum Jensen – Miss Oregon Princess Queen

Sophia Takla – Miss Oregon Jr. Pre-Teen Queen

Daja  Lafave – Miss Oregon Jr. Pre-Teen Cover Girl

Alison Kotila – Miss Oregon Pre-Teen Queen

Mikaela Bruer- Miss Oregon Pre-Teen Cover Girl

Deja Brooks – Miss Oregon Jr. Teen Queen

Tabetha Schulz – Miss Oregon Jr. Teen Cover Girl

Brittany Thomas – Miss Oregon Teen Queen

Mandy Leason – Miss Oregon Miss Queen

Rebekah Taylor – Miss Kentucky Princess Cover Girl

Caitlyn Hooks – Miss Kentucky Princess Queen

Madison Forsythe – Miss Kentucky Jr. Pre-Teen Cover Girl

Jamee French – Miss Kentucky Jr. Pre-Teen Queen

Sarah Akihary – Miss Kentucky Pre-Teen Queen

Lydia Allen- Miss Kentucky Jr. Teen Queen

Callie Smith – Miss Kentucky Teen Queen

Alajah Gilbert – Miss Tennessee Princess Queen

Jessica  Sales – Miss Tennessee Jr. Pre-Teen Queen

Macy Moyer – Miss Tennessee Pre-Teen Queen

Madison Wheat – Miss Tennessee Jr. Teen Queen

Sarah Gross – Miss Tennessee Teen Queen

Kacey Stark – Miss Tennessee Miss Queen

Felicia Andrus – Miss National American Miss Teen Cover Girl

Author: Matt Leverton

Hello, my name is Matt Leverton. I am the state director for the North Carolina, Georgia, South Florida, Tennessee, South Carolina, Kentucky and Oregon pageants for National American Miss.

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