National American Miss Dylan Collins Sheduled To Appear For President Elect Obama’s Inagural Ball


Joining on the celebration surrounding the historic inauguration is Dylan Collins, the 2005 National American Miss New York Junior Pre-Teen queen. Dylan performed at the Democratic National Convention as she campaigned for her presidential pick, Barack Obama. And is now scheduled to perform at the Inaugural Ball.

It is exciting to see National American Miss girls of all ages involved in their community. Whether it is getting involved in the political process, recycling, or a host of other opportunities, these girls are making a difference! 

Check out Dylan’s MySpace page to see all of her accomplishments.


National American Miss South Carolina Hits The Big Screen!

Our 2007 National American Miss South Carolina Jr. Pre-Teen, Amelia DePass, makes it to the big screen.

Amelia is a very busy young lady.  She is has been involved in modeling and acting since age 5.  She has filmed three feature films, three commercials, and is featured in RAGGS on PBS.  She also does community theater.  She has taken horseback riding lessons for 4 years, took dance for two years, acting classes for 2 years, gymnastics for 3 years, was a cheerleader this year, has played church league basketball, completed Girls On The Run last semester and finished a 5K run in under 30 minutes.  Amelia is a great student, being on the Principal’s Honor Roll having all As.  She received the SC Governor’s Achievement Award last year for her community involvement.  She has been involved in school fundraisers like JUMP for a healthy heart and The Boosterthon Fun Run.  She aids the Junior Welfare League of Rock Hill by working in their thrift store as a cashier.  She helps out the Rock Hill Family Resource Center by babysitting small children while their parents attend educational classes.  She has helped with homework at the Children’s Attention Center and plays with those kids after school.  She has collected and donated household items and clothing to help families in natural disasters.  Amelia is an amazing young girl with a big, kind heart and an adventurous spirit. 

Way to go Amelia, we are all so proud of you


2009 National American Miss Invitations In The Mail!

Greetings Everyone!

There is an ancient proverb that says, “may you live in interesting time.”  Wow, that has never been more true for me.  Between the hurricane and the move to Nashville, it has been quite a chore to get back up to speed.

I am exited to announce that I have printed all of the 2009 National American Miss Pageants invitations and will be putting them in the mail this week, so be watching your mailbox! 

In the meantime, if you have any questions, please let me know.



Happy New Year From National American Miss

Happy New Year from all of us here at National American Miss. This year is going to be our best yet!  Check out these articles I found about our program.

Happy New Year!


Sarah Thornbury Featured in Kentuckiana Parent Magazine

Sarah Thornbury, a former National American Miss Kentucky Princess, was recently featured in the Kentuckiana Parent Magazine for her work with victims of Katrina and Rita. 

Sarah, seeing a need, took it upon herself to help bring joy to the kids affected by hurricanes Katrina and Rita.  While most charities focused on clean up and repairs, Sarah began a drive to collect coloring books and crayons.  She proceeded to hand out fliers and make guest appearances to get her ideas heard.  Before she knew it she had collected over 200 coloring books and countless crayons. 

When asked, Sarah said, “I’m just a kid, and I want to help the kids. I wanted them to have toys and other things, so I thought of coloring books because my sister had just gotten a big box of crayons.” 

Sarah, at the age of 6, saw a need and set her sights on helping.  She set a goal and started taking the steps to achieve that goal.  Not only is she a role model for other kids, but for all of us as well.

Have a great new year!


To Better Serve My Customers

Hello everyone!  It’s been a while since I have blogged.  I am excited to announce that I have relocated my National American Miss office to Nashville, Tennessee.  Our new office address is:  758 Wedgewood Park; Nashville, TN 37203. The new phone number is 615-349-1993.

It had been my desire to move the office in a year, but since hurricane Ike destroyed my office, it opened up opportunities to relocate now.  Candidly, this project has been a huge undertaking and will take sometime to get everything and running, so please be patient with me.

Thanks and Merry Christmas!


Thanksgiving at National American Miss

Happy Thanksgiving from sunny southern California.  Nationals is in full swing and things couldn’t be going smoother.  Tonight are the first of the pageant finales and by 2:30pm we will have our first new national queen for the year.

During the Red Carpet Awards Ceremony, Steve Mayes, my national director, asked me to say a few words to the audience.  And the words couldn’t be more applicable than now.  Please remember that nationals and even the pageant is about so much more than crowns, banners and trophies, it’s about letting these kids know how special we all think they are.  It’s about taking every opportunity to applaud these celebrate them.

I read a great quote the other day on the internet that really brought it home for me.  “Kids are the living messages that we send to a time that we will not see.”  How true that is, they really are our legacy!

Happy Thanksgiving!


Nationals is almost here!

Wow, it’s really here, by this time next week, nationals will be in full swing!  I can hardly believe that I leave this Friday for California.  I am so excited that I will get to see so many of these amazing families that I meet at the state pageants and meet so many from all over the country.  Stay posted to the blog once nationals starts.  I will be writing a lot to keep everyone informed on what is going on! 


National American Miss Kentucky Jr. Teen Wins Prudential Spirit Award!

Samantha Hundley, our 2008 National American Miss Kentucky Jr. Teen, emailed me today to let me know that she was the Prudential Spirit Award winner for her school!  With this award, she is now a state finalist for the state of Kentucky and will continue on for the national award.

As her school representative, Samantha will be a guest speaker for an organization called Young Ladies Like Us who works with sixth graders stressing about the importance of abstinence and making wise choices in life. 

Congratulations Samantha, we are all so proud of you!