Katylin Sweeney, Miss Ohio Junior Pre-Teen, won first runner-up honors in the University of Akron Polymer Academy’s Young Inventor Contest.

Katylin Sweeney, National American Miss Junior Pre-Teen Queen, won first runner-up honors in the University of Akron Polymer Academy’s Young Inventor Contest.

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OhioKatylin Sweeney, Ohio Junior Pre-Teen, won first runner-up honors in the University of Akron Polymer Academy’s Young Inventor Contest. This is a national contest with more than 600 gifted students from 24 states in grades 5-8 participating. The objective is to use your creativity and scientific know how to invent something that incorporates rubber bands and can make a significant and positive impact. Katylin’s entry was a life size sculpture of a girl in a dance stretch. She named her sculpture Stretcharella. Here is her essay to accompany her invention.

Katylin Sweeney – Grade 5 – Stretcherella

Rubber bands are the perfect metaphor for becoming your best self; they stretch to reach their full potential but always remember their original shape. Said more simply, I believe you should stretch to reach your dreams but remember who you are! Spreading this message is Stretcherella’s mission. I created her so together we could make this statement to the world in a very memorable way. Stretcherella is covered in rubber bands. They are perfect because they are a significant symbol in the overall meaning. Stretcherella is meant to be an inspiration, an unforgettable image that pulls at your heart and urges you to stretch for whatever you dream of but still be yourself.

From a science standpoint Stretcherella’s anatomy matches that of the human body, a balloon skeleton, a newpaper musuclar system and rubber band skin.

National American Miss JR. Pre-Teen Miss Ohio and nationally recognized inventor – that is one well rounded young lady!! For more information on the contest you can visit www.rubberbandcontest.org.

Carter Brown, 2012 North Carolina Jr. Pre-Teen, looks back on her year as National American Miss Royalty.

Carter Brown, 2012 North Carolina Jr. Pre-Teen Queen, looks back on her year as National American Miss Royalty.

Miss North Carolina2013 Contestants and Families,

“2012 was THE BEST YEAR OF MY LIFE!”… and I pray 2013 will be the same for YOU!  June 30, 2012 was completely life changing!  My family was so proud I was afforded the privilege of serving as the 2012 Miss North Carolina Jr. Pre-Teen!

This year, I have served with my church, the Ronald McDonald House, the Get Heeled 5K, the Great Glow Run and made appearances throughout NC.  At NCCU, I escorted the Chancellor onto the football field at a nationally televised football game and announced the winners at the “Eddie” awards.

In addition to serving the community, I met 45 of the nations Jr. Pre-Teen superstars at the National Pageant!  I proudly represented NC and made new friends from all over the U.S.  I’m not sure who had more fun at Disneyland, me or my brother, but I will always have the “bragging rights” that I was the reason our family was able to experience Disneyland!

I am so appreciative of my loving and supportive family, Mr. Matt Leverton, the NAMily and my sweet “blonde bombshell” sister queens!  I have loved spending time with ALL of you this year!

The life skills I have learned through NAM are PRICELESS!  I encourage you to enjoy this weekend and EVERYTHING it has to offer!  There can only be one winner on Saturday, but if you listen and learn, you will leave improved in ways you never could have imagined!  NAM will be one of the best experiences of your life!  Enjoy EVERY moment!

Carter Brown

Miss North Carolina Jr. Pre-Teen 2012


Abigail Satter, Miss North Carolina Jr. Teen at Race for the Cure.

Abigail Satter North Carolina Jr. Teen Queen at Race for the Cure. She was very happy to be able to help with such a worthy cause.

Abigail Satter at Race for the CureAbigail Satter North Carolina Jr. Teen at Race for the Cure. She was very happy to be able to help with such a worthy cause.

Jaymason Mease, Miss South Carolina Princess, has started off her year with a bang!

Jaymason Dru Mease, National American Miss South Carolina Princess Queen, has been busy volunteering around town. In her first two weeks of being queen she has realized it is going to be a busy and exciting year.

Jaymason Dru Mease, Miss South Carolina Princess, has been busy volunteering around town. In her first two weeks of being queen she has realized it is going to be a busy and exciting year. This past week she delivered stuffed animals to Helping Hands Home and the Collins Home which cares for foster children. She loved seeing the kids faces light up with their new stuffed animals. She was able to spend some time playing with the children and enjoyed her time with them.
After leaving Helping Hands and the Collins Home she went to the Sheriff’s office and gave some stuffed animals to them. They will be distributed to the trunks of other deputies to hopefully bring some comfort to children who may be caught in a bad situation.

Jaymason and her mom also went to Foxnest animal shelter and helped out with the dogs and cats there. She love animals so this was a lot of fun for her. There are so many animals that need good homes. While they wait for that perfect home to come along Jaymason plans to be there for them as much as she can. She has already begun setting up fundraisers to help out the local animal shelters. She looks foward to helping out and trying to make a difference over the next twelve months and years to come.

2011 Miss Kentucky Pre-Teen Farewell

2011 National American Miss Kentucky Pre-Teen Queen Farewell

I just wanted to say to everyone that it has been my pleasure representing the great state of Kentucky.  I have had many wonderful adventures, met many wonderfule people, and visited many wonderful places.  This year will always hold a special place in my life.  Getting to know the NAM Nevada Pre-Teen Queen, Allison Garcia and her family is especially dear to me and will never be forgotten.  My volunteer work, as well as the organizations that I had the great pleasure of meeting with, was an experience that I will hold softly in my heart.

Just remember, that if you dream it, you can achieve it.  Beauty is within each one of us, and it is up to us on how we choose to show it.   Give from the heart, and get so much more in return.


Christina Rubio
2011 Miss Kentucky Pre-Teen

Jennifer Mullins, 2011 Miss Georgia Farewell

Jennifer Mullins, 2011 National American Miss Georgia Farewell

In 2004, I decided to be in my first pageant ever. I had no idea what I was doing and I told my mom “whatever happens, happens.” That year I was 3rd runner up to Miss Georgia. I competed in the pageant for 6 years. Then in 2011 when I turned 20 I knew it would be my last chance. I put everything I had into it and was overjoyed to hear I would be going to the National Pageant to represent Georgia as the Miss Queen. I had been told that Nationals would be the time of my life but didn’t fully believe it till I was there.  I made friendships I’ll never forget, got to do things I never thought I’d do, and being called in the top ten contestants for the national title was the cherry on top of a perfect Thanksgiving week.

Being Miss Georgia has been such a blessing. From riding in parades in my hometown to walking in a 5K for breast cancer, I was able to donate stuffed animals to the children at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, help the police department with their “shop with a cop” Christmas fundraiser, and attend the UMDF Christmas breakfast for children with mitocondria.

There are so many people I want to thank for this opportunity. To all my friends, family, and sponsors, to Matt and my NAM-ily, to Amanda for being my pageant bestie and believing in me, to Jacob for supporting and never letting me forget im beautiful, to my best friend Megan for always being there chearing me on, to my Nana and and all my grandparents in heaven for giving me confidence, and to my parents Mom and Dad, thank you for everything you do and for loving me completely, I couldn’t have done it without you.

To all the wonderful girls who are contestants today, I want you to know you are unique,  beautiful, and you can do anything you put your mind to. All you need is to be confident. Henry Ford once said, “whether you think you can, or think you can’t, you’re right.” Believe in yourself and remember it’s not the crown makes a princess. It’s who you are that makes you royalty.

National American Miss Ashley Thompson Farewell

National American Miss Ashley Thompson Farewell

I could not believe I had won Miss Kentucky 2011-2012 in the Miss division. It was my first pageant and I thought nothing would come of it, but I was wrong!

My name is Ashley Thompson, and I am not an ordinary pageant queen; I am a soldier. I joined the Kentucky National Guard in 2010 and since then, I have loved trying new things. I am a tomboy and have never learned how to use make-up or fix my hair, but I had an amazing journey learning that and more during the national competition in Anaheim, California.

I started my journey with a letter in the mail, open calls, phone interview and a phone call that I had won state queen! I almost thought she was joking! I did not get crowned because of Army training, but I did get to go to nationals and that was amazing! It was my first time going west, my first time going to Disney, and my first pageant! I met some really nice people there. They all helped me, even the other competitors. I originally tried this pageant because it was so different from all the others and anything I have done before. Military training is totally different from the runway, but this pageant has the same values, like integrity. The pageant requires community service, goal setting, and interviewing/speaking skills. These guidelines made for some fierce competition, but great friends! I will never forget going to Disneyland or being on stage, but the best part of it all was that I set a goal and I met it!

One thing that stuck out to me most was during our Thanksgiving banquet, they took the time out to play a slideshow of pictures of the U.S. military and thank them for everything they do. It is amazing to know that there is a beauty pageant that is not all about dresses and swim suits, but caring about the future of its competitors, individually and in the big picture.

I am still meeting new people as I prepare to crown my successor at the state competition and I love every minute of it. Thank you, National American Miss for a wonderful experience and for supporting our troops!

Ashley Thompson, Miss Kentucky, 2011-2012

Belle Scott, 2011 South Carolina Miss Pre-Teen Farewell

Belle Scott, 2011 South Carolina National American Miss Pre-Teen Queen Farewell

If you asked me to describe my year as the Miss South Carolina Pre-Teen in one word, it would be astounding.  This year was filled with wonderful experiences, inspiring people, and, of course, quality NAM family time.  Moments after being crowned, the jubilation settled and I learned of my duties as a NAM queen.   I couldn’t wait to start making a difference in my community and state.  Months later I was leaving my mark.  With the help of a local acting instructor, I was able to film my very own Anti-Bullying PSA, which I used when I addressed my fellow classmates in multiple Anti-Bullying assemblies.

I also joined with my town’s chamber of commerce in local events such as National Night Out and dinner with the local business leaders.  I worked with the local library in their Books and Beyond program.  One of my favorite volunteer ventures was helping with the local assisted living facility, Generations.  Here I met many inspiring, joyful people who changed my perspective on life and daily living.  I also tutored the children at Batesburg Leesville Elementary School.  These children lifted my spirits with their beautiful smiles and infectious laughter.  For more information on these efforts and events more, you can visit my website, https://sites.google.com/site/bellescottnamscpreteen/home.

Of course Nationals in Anaheim, California were phenomenal.  Each day was a dream in the Golden State.  I was able to spend a day in Disneyland with the National Covergirl, Taylor Mann,  travel the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and meet the wonderful Dr. Geek.  However, the glitz and glam of Beverly Hills and Hollywood were subordinate to the glow of happy and inspirational fellow NAM queens.

My fondest memory was spending my Spring Break with my NAM family at Open Calls.  I was able to travel over the state of South Carolina spending time with Mr. Matt and meeting potential NAM queens.  Most teenagers prefer going to the beach, however NAM queens prefer making a positive, lasting impression in the lives of young girls.

To my successor: Prepare yourself.  This year will change your life!  You will be given multiple indescribable and fun activities and opportunities, and I encourage you to take advantage of each one.  Enjoy every second and have as much fun as possible!  Welcome to the inspirational and supportive NAM family!  To my family: Thank you for all your hard work and support.  Without you I would not be the young woman I am today, and I would not know true love.  Your encouragement and prayers are priceless.  To Mr. Matt: Thank you for all the memories.  Our Chick-Fil-A meals and ice creams were the best!!  Thank you for your support and guidance.  Finally to God, my Lord and Savior:  I thank you for the strength you have given me this year and always being my support system.  Every time the stress was overwhelming I remembered my favorite verse, Philippians 4:13, “For I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me.”

For the last time, with much gratitude and joy, I am your Miss South Carolina Pre-Teen, Belle Scott 2011.

Shivali Patel, 2011 Miss North Carolina Jr. Teen Farewell

Shivali Patel, 2011 National American Miss North Carolina Jr. Teen Queen Farewell

Winning the 2012 Miss North Carolina title from a shocking one hundred and thirty six intelligent, talented, and beautiful ladies was a miracle. First, as your National American Miss North Carolina Junior Teen 2011-2012, I gained innumerable opportunities. I had the chance to touch the lives of many, and make a difference in one way or another. I have made lifelong friends that I will forever treasure and honor. I have been able to promote America’s greatness and encourage its future leaders. I have served as an outlet for young women to gain confidence, experience and communication skills as they reach out to their communities and I have become a role model to many by simply living what I profess: “the greatest thing any one person can do is to give unselfishly to others without expectations of any reward.”

I began my year with an appearance at the Georgia State Pageant with the crowning of my sister queens. From there on, there was not a day off from work! I volunteered at Senior Homes, spoke at Alumni meetings, fundraised for Orphanages, participated in walks, lead the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society walk, helped with fitness awareness, and started three personal projects: Shivali’s K’s for Kids for the Methodist Home for Children, Bonds Between Generations, and My Books and Bears Drive inspired by National American Miss itself; and much, much more! I traveled overseas and donated money, books, bears, chocolates, and clothes to various areas and organizations in India as well. Never in my imagination had I dreamed of having so much fun and being able to interact with the world at the same time! Then, before I knew it, it was time for Nationals! I know Nationals held in sunny Anaheim, California is a week I certainly won’t forget. From Disneyland to the Hollywood Tour to the excitement of National Weeks – it was both rewarding and educational at the same time. I was even honored to bring home a spirit stick, 2nd place Academic Achievement, 2nd Place Volunteer Service and 2nd Place overall! It is truly amazing how an experience like this can be both exhilarating and humbling all at once.

This past year has honestly been the best chapter of my life. I would like to take a moment to thank all of those wonderful people who helped to make it possible by supporting me in my endeavors and sometimes as I put it – “dealing” with my bad habits! Firstly, a huge thank you to Matt Leverton for dealing with my habit of submitting things in after the deadline, for organizing this life changing event to start with, and for turning my life into a Cinderella story! Honestly, thank you Prince Charming! Nothing would have been possible if it were not for you. Thank you to the National American Miss Faculty for helping me from day one by giving me tips, selecting wardrobe, and injecting inspiration into me. Thank you to Brittany and Patricia for being the two best bold, brilliant, and beautiful big sisters from another mother I could ever ask for! A shout out to my sister queens – it has been a privilege to know you and to reign with you. See you in 2013! And finally I would like to thank my family and God for blessing me with a happy fairytale life.

Now, as I prepare to turn the page on this chapter in my life, I look back on this experience as one of personal growth, opportunity and a foundation on which I will build my future. As my year comes to an end, I know my journey has only just begun. Riding in parades, making appearances, and doing community service with my embedded crown and banner is something I will miss doing, but I will not forget that this title has opened many doors. I look forward to the upcoming journey with great anticipation. To the people of North Carolina, thank you so much for a wonderful year. I am truly grateful and blessed to have represented you in every step I have taken.

And to the contestants, no matter who takes home the crown this year, remember there is always next year! To my successor, have a wonderful year, use the title wisely, and welcome. Welcome to the (National American Family!!) NAMily(:

Shivali Patel, 2011 Miss North Carolina Jr. Teen

2011 Georgia Jr. Teen Cover Girl Deone Lotter Farewell

2011 Georgia Jr. Teen Cover Girl Deone Lotter Farewell

What a framing moment it was to be chosen as Georgia’s Jr. Teen Cover Girl! It was so unexpected, but it is a moment that is going to help me to walk stronger through life. I made special memories and met so many people that was such a blessing to me. The National pageant was a wonderful experience. It was a big surprise to be crowned in the Hollywood pageant as Jr. Teen National Cover Miss! I came home with a few trophy’s and I was my age group’s winner of the National Scrapbook competition. This and the art project was so much fun! The Advertising Program opened a window to look through at the endless possibilities of today’s business and marketing world, which helped me to gain so much experience in business. NAM helped me to see myself as I can now walk through doors as future business leader. It humbled me to be part of NAM’s program to build a better world for today’s girls and tomorrows leaders. It helped me to make a small contribution to serve my community.
Sincerest thanks to  Mr. Matt Leverton and staff and Ms. Dawn Lee Costa who always helped to answer my “silly” questions! I want to thank my wonderful parents, that has helped me to come as far as I have now, and how thankful I am to them for all the amazing opportunities they have given me to help other through out my life, how they have always been my biggest supporters in whatever I set my heart to; no matter how big or small it was. I also wanted to thank my many friends from the Calvary Children’s Home who helped me to work on the “Kids Give Back” program. With their help we worked on many little projects to serve the community. One of our funest projects was to helping Noah’s Ark. We collected food for this extra unordinary animal habitat and built picnic tables for them. On my 16th birthday all my Calvary friends came together to help cut down hundreds of trees to build a gym. We all worked for months on this project and just laid the last of the grass down. For 40 years the Children’s Home hoped to have a gym – I am so honored to be part of such a project!. During my reigning year I have lost a close friend (that was like a brother to me) in a car wreck. This make me be aware of how precious life is and that we need to go through life with our eyes open for the need of other people and how we must make the most of the time God has given us and live in the moment and not to look back, just keep moving forward. NAM helped me to give back to see the needs of others. Me and my Calvary friends helped with food banks at the American Legion, Elks-club, Youth-clubs, at car shows, parades and worked on the “child trafficking” program. I was honored to be a guest of honor at Food Networks cupcake wars and also at a guest at a new book release.
I want to give all the glory and honor to God, because I know without his love and kindness many of these projects I did wouldn’t have been possible.

Blessings, hugs and Smiles to y’all!

Deonè Lotter
Jr. Teen National Cover Miss (2011-2012)
Jr. Teen Georgia State Cover Girl.