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I know sometimes people might have  questions about how authentic National American Miss is or if it is a scam, if we are legit. I always suggest to do your homework. Contact your Better Business Bureau (BBB), talk with other families that have been involved and of course, give us a call. We will be more than happy to answer any and all of your questions. We wholeheartedly believe in our program and can’t wait to hear from you.

·         Nam Matt Leverton
How has participating in NAM affected your life?

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Kirsten Acklin i love nam , its the best(:

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Stasia Herbert McZeal My daughter competes and I can say NAM has allowed us to make wonderful friends from across the United States….We are competing in July and hope to be back in Anaheim in November! NAM is a wonderful organization!

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Juliana Wynkoop It has changed me for the better!! I remember I used to be so shy and afraid of public speaking…now the stage is like my second home! I love it! My NAMily has helped me blossom into a confident leader, which will be benefit me in all that I do.

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Danielle Lynn Walker

I’m a different person because of it and I’m happy about that.
If I were never in Nam I would not have thought so many wonderful things could be possible for my own life. Being around girls your age that are using their lives to accomplish a…mazing goals has been the biggest motivation for success in my life. That is invaluable. I ♥ National American Miss!See More

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Ivey Dyson It gave me goals and positive role models. I ♥ National American Miss

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Kirsten Acklin ‎^^ liy .

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Sydney Price

I could go on and on about this subject, haha! NAM has become so much more than just a pageant for me. It has become a part of my life. I was never very confident and super shy before I started competing. Whether I was a contestant or a vis…iting Cover Girl I have always been completely satisfied with the effort and friendliness from all directors and staff at NAM. Everyone has made me and my parents feel like family! During my years I have developed a sense of confidence, become more involved in my community, and gained the quality of loving and appreciating all types of people. NAM has definitely made me a more mature individual. I have even met some of my best friends through the pageant. No matter the results, there’s never really a question as to whether or not I will come back the next year because I always have so much fun and always end up learning something new about myself and making new friends. It’s definitely a huge part of my life♥ See More

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Shellye Echeverría NAM has taught me how to be a poised, mannered, self confident, and well spoken young lady. I am very glad that I found NAM because I have learned so much about myself and made many life long friends!

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Holly Creasy It was a really good experience, I made a lot of friends I would’ve never known. I also gained confidence while being on stage (: I.♥.NAM.

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Elizabeth Kayleen Hamilton NAM changed me in more ways than one I learned that not all girls are the same it taught me to be confident in myself and me Kayleen all the time because there is only one me and it gave me the best friends I could ever ask for (:

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Amy Faith Frizzell Hinson i wouldnt have met some of the best friends ive ever had! i would never trade the fact i was in it for anything! i constantly recommend it to people and it made me deside that one day i would love to work in the pagent industry!

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Chrystle Ntow

Well its had big impact on my life. Well I competed in 2009 and that fall I was going into 8th grade so I just knew that I was going to be separated and Nam gave me the ability to voice out who I truly am so during the summer of 2010 my hig…h school had a freshmen orientation were I was not with the 3 other girls who were attending that school(they choose a different session). I made TONS of friends and even though now during school I have maybe 15% of my classes with them, I have even more friends who I think are truly amazing and awesome. NAM gave me that confidence. Pageant was 3-2 days and so was my orientation and I made friends 🙂 and being able to do presentations in front of my class,I can totally speak confidently, and clear so Nam has really changed my life so thank you. I would love to be on Broadway so this summer I WILL compete in Nam and hopefully start my ambition. Thanks Nam and you guys have a place in my heart, the top left corner :)See More

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Patricia Diniz NAM has made my daughter a better person!!! You guys help her to stay focused. And I as a parent have been able to bond with other pageant mothers.

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Patricia Diniz thank you so much… God Bless!

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Olivia Dee

Just where do I begin? NAM has helped me become the confident experienced girl I am today. When I started at 5 years old I could hardly speak but Mr. Matt always told me to not give up and learn and then he told the parents to support us …in all we do. Well , I have been to 3 Nationals and every year I just grown and get better. I might never have brought home the state crown but I will never give up my dream. The best thing + besides confidence and great friends that I got from NAM is the love of giving back.Me and my family began volunteering right at 6 years old and I even was the youngest person to volunteer at the Nashville Zoo because I needed hours for NAM but it grew in my heart to help others and now I have TN H.U>G.S. and help the Ronald M. H. and people all over the country can learn about helping others through me. NAM gave me that first love of giving back. I also have learned to be a god role model wherever I am -school, church or even NAm. Oh ,and I can give an interview which most of my friends would die if they had to and even present a speech. So many things-this is just the begininng.Love, Olivia WSee More

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Olivia Dee NAM gave me positive role models all ove r the country just like Sydney Price who wrote above.

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Olivia Grace There’s so much to say about NAM! I will start by saying it has helped me gain confidence in myself. Every summer I look forward to meeting new friends as well as reuniting with old friends! It is a wondeful, fun-filled family experience, and I am proud to say that this is my 4th year competing. NAM helps develop positive, young role models who are changing this country one step at a time, and who will go forward to become even greater than they themselves could ever imagine♥

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Megan Alisa Webb

NAM has made me a great person. I could go on with a huge list. But I have learned to be happy with who I am, I now know I am beautiful on the inside and out. Dreams do come true through nam, you can never give up. I’ve not only gained life… long skills but I gained friendships I will never lose. I have one of the best leaders and staff members that you could work with in nam and I am so glad that god has brought them to me. Yes, I know I’ve been a queen but title or not I would still feel the same about nam. There’s nothing else like a nam pageant. Thanks for changing me for good, and for the betterSee More

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Sheryl Callahan We have been truly blessed by the friendships we’ve made, the confidence gained, and most of all, the gift of giving back. Thank you NAM!

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Amanda McDonald

NAM opened so many doors for me in my life. Before NAM, I was very shy, awkward, and did not have many friends. After my first pageant in 2004, I can honestly say, NAM was the best thing that happened to me. I was a more confident, outgoi…ng, and outspoken young woman. The highest title I ever held with NAM was National Cover Girl. I was never a state or national queen, but the experiences I had in my five years of competition mean more to me than any title, crown, or banner ever could. Throughout those years, I made friends whom I am still in contact with today, and when your directors or choreographers tell you the girls you meet may some day be in your wedding, it is true. Two of my friends I met through NAM will be my bridesmaids at my wedding in November, and they are my best friends I have ever had. Other friends will be guests at my wedding. Everything that NAM is about is real and it is definitely one of those organizations that cannot be explained in words…you have to experience it for yourself to know just how wonderful it is. Thank you, NAM and thank you, Matt, for everything you have done for me!See More

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Meagan Williams

National American Miss…What to say…I never thought in a million years that this system would be such a big part of my life today. NAM has changed me into a poised, outgoing, confident young lady that I never thought I could become. My f…irst year at nam I was shy, afraid, and pretty much kept to myself, the first day anyway, by the end of that weekend I had so many new friends! 🙂 I felt so accomplished that I said my intro perfectly! And my interview was way easier than expected! I was very pleased with the pageant system! And I even got to bring home a few trophies at the end of that weekend! It has taught me so much and I can not wait to come back for my 3rd year!! Not to mention all of the amazing people and role models you meet there!! All of the queens are truly amazing people, and lets not forget about the staff!! I have to admit I didn’t expect the friendliness, and fun filled activities the first year, but boy was I surprised. NAM is truly an amazing system. Mainly because its not a typical beauty pageant. Its not a BEAUTY pageant at all. I love NAM because you don’t have to be 5’8 and look perfect in a swimsuit to win. You don’t have to have perfect teeth and long sculpted hair. You have to be you. And if nothing else has, this pageant has taught me to be myself more than anything else in the world. So thank you to everyone at namiss from the bottom of my heart! ♥ I love you all and I have no idea where I would be in life today with out you!See More

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