2009 National American Miss Tennessee Jr. Teen Queen Savannah Ivey Farewell

2009 National American Miss Tennessee Jr. Teen Queen Savannah Ivey Farewell

Dear Contestants.

I would first like to congratulate you for making it this far! You have already accomplished so much by simply deciding to attend this year’s pageant! This shows bravery, strength, and a desire for greatness. I would like you to know that I understand all the feelings you may be experiencing. I can fully remember all of the butterflies, excitement, and anticipation. I have stood in your shoes five times before.

National American Miss is such a wonderful pageant! I have made many life-long friends and memories through this organization. I cannot wait for you to experience all of the fun of pageant weekend!

As I said before, I have competed in this pageant five times, and trust me, every year I walked away with an important life lesson. When I began my journey at NAM, I was an eleven year-old girl with panic attacks. I had no idea what to expect, I just wanted to do something that would get me outside of my comfort zone. I left that year with a newfound confidence and amazing friends! I continued coming back four years. Although I didn’t always win, I always had a blast!

Girls, this experience is so amazing. Please take advantage of every opportunity. I encourage you to introduce yourself to other contestants! Make it your goal to meet a new friend, who can go through this journey with you. Friends make this pageant so much fun! I met my best friend at the pageant in 2005, and now we see each other every summer!

My advice to you is to have fun! Don’t get caught up in the stress and miss all of the fun! Be yourself and relax! God has brought you to this point for a reason! Remember that God’s plans are perfect! Good luck and have fun! God bless!

You 2009 Miss Tennessee Junior Teen,

Savannah Ivey

NAM Tennesse Jr. Teen Savannah Ivey

Hey Matt!

I hope all is well with you! I just wanted to update you on the 2010 Memory Walk that I participated in. We had a great turn out of people! My team was just as large as last year, which was a great accomplishment considering the rain that we experienced 🙂 All together, the walk has raised $60,000 so far. We are still receiving donations, so I am very excited to hear the final tally of the money that my team raised! I have a attached some pictures from the event. I will keep you updated on our success! I am so looking forward to this summer! Please let me know the dates of your other pageants, whenever you finalize them. I would love to attend and help out in any way that I can! Have a blessed week! God bless!