National American Miss Queens Invade Europe

National American Miss Queens Invade Eurpoe

     On Saturday, April 18, National American Miss royalty from Maryland, Michigan, and Virginia enjoyed an amazing time at Busch Gardens Europe.  The girls even enjoyed a full day at the park for FREE.  Parkgoers from across the country stopped the girls to ask about the pageant.  The girls were quick to answer questions about NAM and direct people to   

     National American Miss Queen Christina Nguyen said it was great to see girls from three different states involved in the day.  “NAM is really sweeping the nation.  We ran into Jordan Dawkins (North Carolina Miss 2007) just walking through the park.”  The girls enjoyed being with each other and the smiles never left their faces.  Organizers from Virginia hope to expand the day to all NAM girls next year! 

     While at Busch Gardens Europe, the girls managed to meet world-class Irish Step dancers from the famed “Emerald Beat” show as well dance the Chicken Dance with Oktoberfest dancers in the Germany themed side of the park.  And let’s not forget the girls were brave enough to tackle the world-famous roller coasters.  Younger queens managed to encourage VA Jr. Teen Johanna King to get over her fear of roller coasters.  She boarded “Apollo’s Chariot” in the Italy section and never looked back. 

     The girls were blessed to have beautiful weather to match the sweet spirit of the day.  The girls had such a great time at Busch Gardens they ended up holding an impromptu bar-b-que at VA Jr. Preteen Queen Claire Duval’s home in Williamsburg.  Michigan Jr. Preteen Mackenzie Caprara summed it up best, “I never want to leave!  You guys are the best friends ever!”    



#1 NAM girls on the Teacups:  National American Miss Queen Christina Nguyen, NAM friend Krissy North, Michigan Jr. Preteen Queen Mackenzie Caprara, Virginia Preteen Queen Olivia Jimenez, and Virginia Jr. Preteen Queen Claire Duval take a spin!

#2 Some of the royalty pictured with NAM North Carolina Queen 2007 Jordan Dawkins.  Pictured here are Grace Duval, Jordan, VA Teen Queen Delesia Watson, VA Jr. Teen Queen Johanna King, and front row VA Jr. Preteen Covergirl Rebecca Williams, MD Princess Queen Nya Martinez, VA Jr. Preteen Queen Claire Duval, VA Preteen Queen Olivia Jiminez, and MI Jr. Preteen Queen Mackenzie Caprara.

#3  Maryland Princess Queen Nya Martinez and Virginia Jr. Preteen Queen Claire Duval meeting with the singing legends The Four Tops backstage.  The girls were singing all the way home:  “Sugar pie, honey…you know that I love you!  I can’t help myself..”

#4  Outside Abbeystone Theatre in “Ireland” meeting the lead Irish dancer and prize-winning Irish fiddler.  NAM girls from all across Maryland, Michigan, and Virginia enjoyed a free day at Busch Gardens Europe.