North Carolina Jr. Teen Queen Meredith Twigg donated books to local elementary school and church.

Meredith Twigg┬áMeredith Twigg, National American Miss North Carolina Jr. Teen Queen donated the books from the pageant to the principal of Bessemer Elementary School in Greensboro. ┬áBessemer Elementary School and First Baptist Church Greensboro hosted a “Steps to Success” Kindergarten camp for children. The camp aims to equip these new kindergarteners, some of which do not speak any English, with the necessary skills and confidence needed to start school. Meredith is volunteering this week as a “Buddy” for the children and travels through a mock school day each day. Breakfast and lunch is provided by the church. Meredith donated all the books to the school to be used as take home books for these children to have. Some of these children live in the Children’s Home and others do not have books at home. Students will get take home “homework” bags with these books in them.