Julia Rowland, 2014 Miss Florida Jr. Teen has words of blessings for this years contestants!

Julia Rowland Julia Rowland.jpg2 Julia Rowland.jpg3 Julia Rowland.jpg4 Julia Rowland.jpg5 Julia Rowland.jpg6 Julia Rowland.jpg7 salvationarmyFrom the moment being crowned as National American Miss Florida Junior Teen, to writing this letter to you in anticipation of crowning my scuessor, I am beyond blessed and grateful for the moments that have made up this memorable year. Throughout my reign I have experienced countless opportunities that I will never forget. With a passion for helping others, I devoted my time to volunteering in my community with Project Outreach, Volunteer Services for Animals, The Salvation Army, and many other organizations. In an effort to lift the spirits of our Active Duty Military, I have organized my own non-profit organization called Harvest for Heroes. I was beyond shocked to receive a letter of appreciation from our troops as well as a plaque including a photo of them with a flag that was flown in my honor over Bagram, Afghanistan. In addition, I was able to emcee the American Girl Doll Fashion show in support of the Palm Beach Literacy Collation. I was able to travel across my great state of Florida during open calls and training sessions in search of our next state finalists.

I would like to thank National American Miss for shaping me into the woman I am today and for the wonderful friendships I have made. My life would have never been the same without the amazing opportunities I have received.

To the contestants: Congratulations and good luck! This is your moment to shine. Believe in yourself and follow your dreams! You are all winners regardless if you take home the crown or not!!

It has been an honor to represent such a wonderful organization. I will forever be a part of the NAMily.

Your 2014
Miss Florida Junior Teen
Julia Rowland

Jeanae Ganther,2013 Miss Florida Pre-Teen, gives words of encouragement to this years contestants.

Jeanae Ganther,2013 National American Miss Florida Pre-Teen Queen, gives words of encouragement to this years contestants.

NAM photo 51714Hey Girls, This past year has been unbelievable! I’ve gained so much confidence because of NAM. I’ve met so many talented girls and made some new friends throughout this journey. I’ve volunteered at “Dare to Care” Kitchen, Horizon Assisted Living, donated school supplies to my former elementary school, participated in March of Dimes and Komen’s Breast Walk.I also had the opportunity to travel to Jacmel, Haiti with Hope for Humanity to do mission work and deliver school supplies and personal hygiene items. At state pageant weekend, be yourself, meet as many girls and have fun! At Nationals, you’ll meet more girls and make more friends. We had theme parties each night! We went to Disneyland, Hollywood, and had a Thanksgiving Banquet with the NAM families. Let’s not forget the shopping, dining, mentoring, beauty sleep, and competitions. Enjoy every moment, take lots of pictures. I thank NAM, for the opportunity of a lifetime, especially my State Director, Matt Leverton. Crowned of not, this is a learning experience. Remember, you always take something back with you; it’s up to you to make it positive. To my successor, do not consider winning as the end, but the beginning of bigger and better things.

Good Luck!

Jeanae Ganthier
2013 Miss South Florida Pre-Teen

North Carolina Jr. Teen Naomi Whitehead has words of encouragement for this years contestants!

North Carolina Jr. Teen Queen Naomi Whitehead has words of encouragement for this years contestants!

Hi girls! I hope you all are as excited as I am this year for the state pageant. I know some
of you are probably a little nervous because I definitely was. Then like me, you have to realize
that you’re going out there for YOU to show everyone how talented you are and how passionate
you are about winning. Being the Jr. Teen Queen has meant the world to me. It showed me that
if I’m really determined to do something I can achieve any and everything I set my mind to, and
you can too! After NAM my confidence level skyrocketed and I’ve been so much more outgoing
and ambitious ever since. I’ve worked at the Ronald McDonald House, for Red Cross, The Boys
and Girls Club, participated in walks for cancer, Haiti’s children and have even had the
opportunity to guest appear at a birthday party! Remember,it’s okay to get out of your comfort
zone sometimes. You never know, you just might like it. It’s not all about winning and taking
home a prize, it’s about the experience you had here and the new people you met.Who knows
you could find your best friend here. Girls don’t fret it’ll be a breeze if you just focus, be yourself,
and don’t forget HAVE FUN!