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The national pageant is 1 month away and I am so excited!  This is going to be the best one ever, I mean, hello, we’re giving away 5 Ford Mustangs.  The national pageant is always such a great event.  Every year I am blown away by you guys.  I am always so proud when I see people set goals and get involved in their communities.  I can wait to see you there!

Author: Matt Leverton

Hello, my name is Matt Leverton. I am the state director for the North Carolina, Georgia, South Florida, Tennessee, South Carolina, Kentucky and Oregon pageants for National American Miss.

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  1. And, I can’t wait to get there, Matt! I’ll be competing in the Princess AA division. This is great…another website to read about NAM…we love it!

  2. Hey Matt!

    This is Amanda Moreno, the 2007 Miss Georgia Jr. Teen!

    I know the girls this year are some of the luckiest yet! Some of us girls from last year agree that we choose the wrong year to compete! I must say, not preparing for Nationals has left me really sad. I miss it so much, but hopefully I’ll be back next year in the Teen division.

    Hope everyone has fun!

  3. Hi Matt!
    Thanks for the updates – I can’t believe all the queens are getting mustangs – SO AWESOME! Of course, I guess I won just about 5 years too early 😉

    I’m just so excited about everything you guys are doing for your girls. Ladies – THIS is the BEST pageant system around! Matt and all the National American Miss Directors and Staff truly care so much about their girls and strive to make this the best experience of your life! And let me tell you, for those of you who have not yet experienced Nationals, you don’t know what you’re missing – It’s an opportunity and experience of a lifetime. A week of fun and wonderful memories you will NEVER forget!
    We love NAM and you too Matt!

  4. Hi Matt!

    What a fun idea! I look forward to checking out your posts 🙂 And, I think it’s actually 6 Mustangs, right? Too cool!!! See you soon — I can’t believe Nationals is right around the corner!

  5. Maria-Teresa: You are exactly right, 6 cars! My brain is always in state mode where we crown 5 queens. Thanks again for all your help in Tennessee. You are welcome to be visiting royalty at any of my shows!

  6. Hey, Matt! This is Jennifer Wright, Olivia’s Mom from Tennessee! We are so happy to see this and know that you are there for all the girls anytime they need support or questions (WE know that, but now all your other NAM girls can ,too!) Thanks for taking your time to do this!
    Olivia has learned and gained so much from NAM, and enjoys the system and all her friendships, beyond belief! We are so blessed to have had NAM as part of her life the past 4 years! We just referred two new friends today!!! This is so great! Would you believe I have NEVER blogged before?
    Looking forward to meeting new friends and learning and sharing more about NAM! One question, Matt, can you grandfather clause the Ford Mustang in for Ashley, since she was a National Queen 5 years ago????? I mean, it seems only fair. HAHA!
    Thanks again! You KNOW Olivia loves having you as her state director and is looking forward to many more years here in TN! See you in Nationals!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Jennifer,

    Thanks for stopping by. This is my first blog too! It’s a pretty sharp learning curve getting this all up and going.

    I am so glad to hear Olivia is doing well, she is truly a special kid! It’s great when I talk to parents at the pageant and they’ll see you and Olivia walk by, and they’ll always say something like, “Oh, I just love them, they’re the best!”

    Please give everyone my best!


  8. Hi Matt! It’s Madeline Monlux’s mom from Oregon. This blog is really a great idea. We are sooo0 looking forward to nationals again. We have made friends with many NAM families from all over the U.S. (Olivia & MT happen to be a couple of them) and can’t wait to finally meet some of them in person. We will definately keep an eye out for you at nationals to say Hi.


  9. i loved this pageant. it really wasn’t like any of the other pageants i have been in. it showed all the girls self esteem and helped make great new friends. i still keep in touch with some of the girls and they are some of my best friends. i hope to be back next time.

  10. Hey Matt! This is Sarah King and I am the Miss for North Carolina this year! I’m so excited about Nationals and I can’t wait to meet you. Also, I have been told that you will be the new director for North Carolina! I have been involved with NAM since I was 13, so I’ve known Ms. Patti for a long time and I’m very sad about her leaving, but your reputation definitely precedes you and I’m excited about working with you in the future!! See you in a couple of weeks!!


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