Christina Rubio, 2011 Miss Kentucky Pre-Teen Year in Review

Christina Rubio, 2011 National American Miss Kentucky Pre-Teen Year in Review

Christina Rubio, the 2011 Miss Kentucky Pre-Teen, has been working hard since she was crowned in July of 2011.

Christina has been busy distributing the stuffed animals and books donated by herself and other fellow 2011 NAM KY pre-teens to places such as Fire and  Police Departments, Libraries, and the Louisville, KY Ronald McDonald House.  Because of the critical conditions of a lot of the patients at the Ronald McDonalds House, they are not able to accept stuffed animals.  So, Christina invested in some new puzzles for the children and families to go along with the books donated to RMHC in Louisville.  Christina is continuing her Volunteer work, along with being the State Vice President of Star Events for Future Career and Community Leaders of American in Kentucky.

Christina has met with Congressman Brett Guthrie, Kentucky State Senate Presindent  David Williams, as well as Major General Donald Storm.  She has also visited Abraham Lincoln’s Birthplace in honor of a great President.

She is making the most of her time as the 2011 Miss Kentucky Pre-Teen and loving every minute of it!

2009 National American Miss Jr. Pre-Teen Queen Kirsten Verble Year In Review

2009 National American Miss Jr. Pre-Teen Queen Kirsten Verble Year In Review

Hello everyone! From Tennessee I am Kirsten Verble your 2009-2010 National American Miss Junior Pre-Teen Queen. Get ready to have lots of fun at the pageant this year. There will be an awesome “get aquainted” party where you will get to meet all the staff and make new friends. Just remember through the busy weekend to stop and enjoy the moment.  Becoming a state finalist is such a great accomplishment and that not everyone who applied made it to this level.

As you can see from my pictures it has been a very busy year. I got to meet governor Bredesen and volunteer time with a special education class at a school near my home. I also spent time visiting the elderly at the nursing home and met Stephanie Wittler, Miss Tennessee 2009. Even if you do not win the title of junior pre-teen 2010 you can still take time out of your life to volunteer and change another person’s life.

I would like to wish each and every one of you good luck for the upcoming pageant. I know you must be nervous but remember to be yourself and everything will be fine. Encourage each other, be friends and support one another.  Only one girl will win the title this weekend but everyone can gain life-long friendships and skills. You will learn confidence, poise and grace and you will never forget this experience.

 I couldn’t believe it when they called my name last year and I feel very fortunate to have had this experience in my life. What a wonderful event to add to my journey. If you do not win don’t be discouraged or give up, there is always next year. Keep the lessons you learned and the friendships dear to your heart, God has put you here for a reason.  Good luck to everyone and God bless you and your family, I can’t wait to meet you!