Gabrielle Buchan, looks back on her amazing year as Miss Georgia Junior Teen.

Gabrielle farewell Gabrielle farewell.jpg2 Gabrielle farewell.jpg3 Gabrielle farewell.jpg4 Gabrielle farewell.jpg5 Gabrielle farewell.jpg6 Gabrielle farewell.jpg7 Gabrielle farewell.jpg8 Gabrielle farewell.jpg9 Gabrielle farewell.jpg10To get something you’ve never had, you must do something you’ve never done.

One year ago, I stole the judge’s hearts, and the crown. My year had just started. I volunteered with many organizations across Georgia. I donated school supplies to DFCS, judged local pageants, worked with my platform KARE, and even partnered with the First Lady of Georgia on her ‘Get Georgia Reading’ program.

The saying is true; time really does fly when you’re having fun. Before I knew it I was on a plane to Anaheim, California. Nationals were nothing short of amazing! I toured the famous streets of Hollywood, spend a day at Disney, and eat dinner with my friends from all across the country. The 50 state Jr. Teen Queens were not just competition, they grew to be my best friends.

Thank you Matt and the NAM staff for turning my dreams into a reality. Gracie, Hannah, Samantha, and Chandler, thank you for showing me what a sisterhood is like. The future holds big things for you all. Mom, thank you for being my coach, hair stylist, and makeup artist. Thank you dad for being my, well, bank account.

To all the Georgia Jr. Teen contestants, you don’t realize how far you can grow in just one weekend. No matter the outcome, you’re doing something remarkable. Hold your head up high and be confidently beautiful.

To my Successor, this year will no doubt be one of the best years of your life. You’ll meet people who will change your life forever, cherish every moment, and take LOTS of pictures!

For the last time, I am your 2015 Miss Georgia Junior Teen, Gabrielle Buchan.

Miss Georgia Jr. Teen Gabrielle Buchan spoke at “Get Georgia Reading Initiative.”

GA jr. teen GA jr. teen.jpg2 GA jr. teen.jpg3 GA jr. teen.jpg4Miss Georgia Jr. Teen Gabrielle Buchan spoke at “Get Georgia Reading Initiative.” Gabrielle was able to attend and speak at Mrs. Sandra Deal’s “Get Georgia Reading Initiative.” Being able to speak with the First Lady of Georgia and many of Georgia’s State Representatives was an incredible honor for Gabrielle. Being able to spread the word on the importance of youth reading and knowledge is so important. Gabrielle was also able to make a donation of books to her county’s library in honor of the First Lady of Georgia, Mrs. Deal, on behalf of National American Miss.

Gabrielle Buchan, Miss Georgia Jr. Teen, participated in “Stuff the Bus.”

Gabrielle Gabrielle2 Gabrielle3Gabrielle Buchan, Miss Georgia Jr. Teen, participated in “Stuff the Bus.” Gabrielle was able to spend some time with Dawsonville’s Family Connections at the “Stuff The Bus” event donating school supplies for local families. On this certain day, buses were parked at Walmart throughout the great state of Georgia  collecting the items. Gabrielle was able to meet and connect with many people in her own county helping donate to this great cause. Glad National American Miss could be a part of it!