Gabrielle Buchan, looks back on her amazing year as Miss Georgia Junior Teen.

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One year ago, I stole the judge’s hearts, and the crown. My year had just started. I volunteered with many organizations across Georgia. I donated school supplies to DFCS, judged local pageants, worked with my platform KARE, and even partnered with the First Lady of Georgia on her ‘Get Georgia Reading’ program.

The saying is true; time really does fly when you’re having fun. Before I knew it I was on a plane to Anaheim, California. Nationals were nothing short of amazing! I toured the famous streets of Hollywood, spend a day at Disney, and eat dinner with my friends from all across the country. The 50 state Jr. Teen Queens were not just competition, they grew to be my best friends.

Thank you Matt and the NAM staff for turning my dreams into a reality. Gracie, Hannah, Samantha, and Chandler, thank you for showing me what a sisterhood is like. The future holds big things for you all. Mom, thank you for being my coach, hair stylist, and makeup artist. Thank you dad for being my, well, bank account.

To all the Georgia Jr. Teen contestants, you don’t realize how far you can grow in just one weekend. No matter the outcome, you’re doing something remarkable. Hold your head up high and be confidently beautiful.

To my Successor, this year will no doubt be one of the best years of your life. You’ll meet people who will change your life forever, cherish every moment, and take LOTS of pictures!

For the last time, I am your 2015 Miss Georgia Junior Teen, Gabrielle Buchan.

Nikya Hightower, Miss North Carolina Pre-Teen, looks back on her year in service!


It has been a wonderful journey being your Miss North Carolina Pre- Teen. I have met so many nice people along the way. Receiving my Letter of Recognition from the Mayor at a city hall meeting was really a great feeling. I have enjoyed every moment of volunteer work and charity events that I have been a part of. The March of Dimes, the ALS Walk, The Child Advocacy Center, “Rip the Runway” held in Spring Lake, North Carolina which was a kids fashion show hosted by the Chamber of Commerce, to benefit the Boys and Girls Club, “Kids Rock The Runway” for North Carolina Fashion Week held in Fayetteville, my hometown, to benefit Meals on Wheels, the Martin Luther King Jr. Parade, and donating the books and school supplies to my community church.

I had a great time at Nationals and met lots of new friends that I still keep in touch with. That was my first time in California and I really had a blast.

I would like to thank NAM for all your help and support, and I would like to wish my successor the very best. It has been a great experience to serve my community and to represent the Great State of North Carolina.

Love to All,

Your 2014 Miss North Carolina Pre-Teen


Ella Osborne, 2014 Miss Oregon Princess Queen, looks back on her year!

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Just one year ago I was on the NAM stage for my very first time in my very first pageant. I couldn’t believe it when they called my name! Over the past year I have been VERY busy. Being in parades is one of my favorite memories because I got to see so many smiling faces. My glasses are a big part of who I am and it’s important to me that other kids with glasses know that they’re special and can do anything. I worked a lot with the See to Read campaign which provides vision screenings throughout the state. My family and I did the SOLVE beach clean-up, too. That was super fun and beautiful day! My sister queens and I donated items to the Ronald McDonald House and volunteered at Race for Cure. I love serving with my sister queens! Another favorite was working with Toys for Tots during the holidays and filming a commercial for them! And of course, there was Nationals! What a blast!

To me, being a queen means helping others and having fun wherever you go. It means being nice and doing your best. It’s about being brave and working hard. Being a NAM queen is a big responsibility and I have loved every bit of it!

To the contestants competing this year the most important things to remember are to be yourself and have fun! Be sure to practice, smile at the judges, be confident and ROCK THAT STAGE! Good luck!


2014 Oregon Princess Ella Osborne

Kaitlyn Connell, 2013 Miss North Carolina Pre-Teen cover girl, looks back over her year.

Kaitlyn Connell, 2013 National American Miss North Carolina Pre-Teen cover girl, looks back over her year.


Ambassador of Switzerland & Wife

Kaitlyn & Brandi

Matt & Kaitlyn

NAM NC PreTeen Cover Girl Kaitlyn Connell

NC Open Calls

Pat McCrory


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI can’t believe it has been one year since I have been crowned your 2013 Miss North Carolina Pre-Teen Cover Girl. I was so honored to be able to represent my state and help my community. I have had so many opportunities such as traveling to our State Capital and meeting Governor Pat McCrory. Being invited to the Ambassador’s Ball hosted by Mercedes Benz of South Charlotte, where I met The Ambassador of Switzerland, Manual Sager and his wife, former U.S. Representative Sue Myrick and the Mayor. I also had the opportunity to meet Bob Beyer, the Assistant Coach for the Charlotte Bobcats. I volunteered at different organizations such as retirement homes, The Ronald McDonald House of Charlotte, The Allegro Foundation of Charlotte …a Champion for Children with Disabilities, which I hold very near and dear to my heart. I walked with my sister queens in the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure. I handed out the books and stuffed animals donated by the contestants to WSOC-TV School Tools, Shands School of Matthews, The Ronald McDonald House of Charlotte and Kids-R-Kids. I also had the opportunity of being in parades.
Then it was time for Nationals. Nationals was truly the best week of my life. What an awesome experience! I totally enjoyed hanging out with my NC sister queen, Brandi at Disneyland, sister’s forever! Thank you for showing us around! And also touring Hollywood was so much fun. While I was at Nationals, I won National American Miss National Pre-Teen Cover Girl and got to walk the red carpet.
I have made so many new friends this year and was able to be involved in so many opportunities. I totally enjoyed working at the NC Open Calls and meeting all the new contestants. I also was invited to perform at the Opening Ceremonies of The Special Olympics of NC with The Allegro Foundation.
To my sister queens, Niyah, Skyla, Marindia, Brandi, Alexandra, Shivali, and Megan, I have been so blessed to have shared this journey with all of you. To Alex, Miss South Carolina Pre-Teen, thank you for being so much fun to be around, you are my life-long sister and I love you so much.
To Mom and Dad, thank you so much for supporting my dreams and never giving up no matter how busy this journey was. And to Dad for always making times fun!
To Mr. Matt Leverton, thanks for being the best state director ever and being so supportive of all of us. Thank you and your team for making this organization so much fun.
To my successor, this will be the best year of your life, embrace the moment. Until next time, I am and forever will be your 2013 Miss North Carolina Pre-Teen Cover Girl Kaitlyn Connell.

Laney Edwards, says goodbye to her year as the 2013 Miss South Carolina Jr. Teen!

Laney Edwards, says goodbye to her year as the 2013 National American Miss South Carolina Jr. Teen Queen!









SC_Queens_Meet_the_GovernorDear NAMily,

I can’t believe that my reign as SC Junior Teen is already coming to an end; it seems like only yesterday that I heard my name announced as the winner! My year representing NAM has flown by in a whirlwind of traveling (across the country-literally!), volunteering, and making appearances and memories. Being a NAM queen has been a privilege and an honor that I will always cherish, and I am thankful to have had this amazing opportunity. I’m so excited to welcome all the new contestants and look forward (with a smile and tears) to crowning my successor!

A lot of girls have asked what advice I have for pageant weekend, so here goes: Make lists for everything, and check them off as you go. Come prepared; have all your paperwork ready to turn in. Do as many optionals as you possibly can (It’s so worth it!). Don’t be nervous. Smile at the judges and the audience. Speak clearly and use complete sentences during your interviews. Most importantly, HAVE FUN and BE YOURSELF! Be confident in the knowledge that you are unique and beautiful, made in the image of your Creator. And if you’re the girl who is fortunate enough to walk away with the crown— Count your blessings and enjoy every moment of your reign because, take it from me, it will be over sooner than you think. Good luck to everyone, and God Bless!

Pageant Hugs,

Laney Edwards, 2013 SC Jr. Teen

Aaniyah Burnett, Miss Kentucky Princess, looks back fondly on her year as Queen.

Aaniyah Burnett, National American Miss Kentucky Princess Queen, looks back fondly on her year as Queen.

2013 Kentucky Princess Aaniyah Places TOP 10 @ Nationals!!!!

Aaniayh Burnett Miss Ky Princess Volunteering @ The Lord's Kitchen

Aaniyah Burnett 2013 CROWNED Miss Ky Princess!!!

Aaniyah Burnett Getting ready before the 2013 State KY Pageant

Aaniyah Burnett meeting the 2012 NAM KY Princess Alexis!!!

Miss 2013 Aaniyah and NAM staff @ Rehearsals! Selfie Time!

Miss 2013 Kentucky Princess Aaniyah Burnett Welcomes You To Nationals in California!

Miss Aaniyah 2013 KY Princess With 2012 All-American Miss Princess @ Nationals! Crazy Hair Day!

Miss Ky & New Jersey Hanging out @ Disney Land in California. NAM Nationals

NAM 2013 Kentucky Princess Aaniyah with Bestie Matt Leverton!

NAM Royalty 2013 Miss KY Princess Queen Aaniyah Burnett

NAM Royalty 2013 Miss KY Princess Queen Aaniyah!Hi everyone!
My name is Aaniyah Makay Burnett and I am your 2013 Miss Kentucky Princess! Being crowned Miss Kentucky Princess was a dream come true for me. Just like some of you, it was my very first pageant too! Since receiving that amazing honor, I have learned so much like, being confident in who I am, getting to meet some amazing people, and giving back to my community. I have been blessed to meet the Governor of Kentucky, Steve Beshear and Senator Mitch McConnell. I’ve made friendships with other girls from all over the country at NAM and met my wonderful new friend Hannah Martin, my sister queen! Throughout the year I also visited other NAM pageants as royalty, flew for the first time to Anaheim, California for Nationals, had a blast at Disneyland with my mom, and even placed Top 10 at Nationals!
This May, I will be crowning the 2014 NAM Princess Queen and I look forward to a weekend of NAM fun! Even though my reign is coming to an end I will continue to volunteer and use the tools National American Miss has taught me. This is just the beginning for me and you will see me again!
I would like to say Thank you to National American Miss, Matt Leverton, and all the staff for this amazing experience. And Good luck to all the new princesses that are going to be competing this year..

Yours Truly,
“2013 Miss Kentucky Princess”
Aaniyah Makay Burnett

Niyah Smith, Miss North Carolina Princess, donated books at the Jordan Child and Family Enrichment Center.

Niyah Smith, National American Miss North Carolina Princess Queen, donated books at the Jordan Child and Family Enrichment Center.

Niyah Donating books

Niyah reading to the children

Niyah with Director KatherineNiyah Smith, 2013 Miss North Carolina Princess has been handing out the donations given to her at the National American Miss North Carolina pageant. She donated some of the books she received to the Jordan Child and Family Enrichment Center. The Jordan Child and Family Enrichment Center is dedicated to helping children who have been through revolving short-term foster placements, who were born addicted to drugs, and who’ve suffered abuse and neglect. Niyah also read to a group of children, ages 4-5, at the Center. When she was done she got to tell the kids all about the National American Miss pageant that she won. She was very excited and enjoyed her day very much!

2012 National American Miss Jr. Teen Queen Alexandra Wallace looks back on her year of service!

2012 National American Miss Jr. Teen Queen Alexandra Wallace looks back on her year of service!

Wow. What a crazy but fun year I had as the 2012 National American Miss Tennessee Jr. Teen. I am so excited to share with you all some of my favorite memories throughout this year. When my name was called I was in shock. I remained completely composed however until I saw Anna and remembered what a great group of sister’s I’d have to reign with. It was that moment when I started to cry and couldn’t compose myself for pictures after. There truly are no words to describe my national’s experience. I made some amazing friends and caught up with old ones. From crazy rehearsals, our day in Disney, and competitions we always had a great time. I even met my personal favorite Disney character Winnie the Pooh! I was able to help at Anna Grace’s queens for a cure charity pageant in October. She did a fantastic job and it was awesome to see and catch up with the other queens she had present, including Miss Tennessee Teen USA Emily Suttle. I participated in the Jingle Bell Run walk for arthritis by passing out water cups to the runners and met the governor with my fellow sister queens! However, the greatest blessing throughout this year has been furthering my platform, the American Heart Association. I spoke at various elementary schools throughout my area on the importance of keeping active and healthy through the Jump Rope for Heart program. I spoke at the state capitol and met with my local representative and senators as a high level advocate. My favorite event however was the Red Out in my high school. This was something new this year and as a school we raised 3750 for the AHA! It was so cool to see my classmate working for a cause so near to my heart. As mentioned earlier, I was truly blessed with a great group of sister queens. Ava, Taylor, Anna Grace, and Sarah what a privilege it was to reign with each of you. You all brought smiles to my face and I am so thankful for each of you. I know you will all go far wherever life takes you. I’d like to say thank you to my family; Mom, Richard, Taylor, Granny and Tate for always being my biggest support system. You all mean the world to me and I love you all. Most importantly I’d like to thank God for this amazing opportunity. This year would not have been possible without his many blessings. To the girls competing be yourself and have the time of your life! You are all beautiful and winners and I can’t wait to meet all of you. Best of luck!!

National American Miss Tennessee Jr. Teen 2012, Alexandra Wallace

Carter Brown, 2012 North Carolina Jr. Pre-Teen, looks back on her year as National American Miss Royalty.

Carter Brown, 2012 North Carolina Jr. Pre-Teen Queen, looks back on her year as National American Miss Royalty.

Miss North Carolina2013 Contestants and Families,

“2012 was THE BEST YEAR OF MY LIFE!”… and I pray 2013 will be the same for YOU!  June 30, 2012 was completely life changing!  My family was so proud I was afforded the privilege of serving as the 2012 Miss North Carolina Jr. Pre-Teen!

This year, I have served with my church, the Ronald McDonald House, the Get Heeled 5K, the Great Glow Run and made appearances throughout NC.  At NCCU, I escorted the Chancellor onto the football field at a nationally televised football game and announced the winners at the “Eddie” awards.

In addition to serving the community, I met 45 of the nations Jr. Pre-Teen superstars at the National Pageant!  I proudly represented NC and made new friends from all over the U.S.  I’m not sure who had more fun at Disneyland, me or my brother, but I will always have the “bragging rights” that I was the reason our family was able to experience Disneyland!

I am so appreciative of my loving and supportive family, Mr. Matt Leverton, the NAMily and my sweet “blonde bombshell” sister queens!  I have loved spending time with ALL of you this year!

The life skills I have learned through NAM are PRICELESS!  I encourage you to enjoy this weekend and EVERYTHING it has to offer!  There can only be one winner on Saturday, but if you listen and learn, you will leave improved in ways you never could have imagined!  NAM will be one of the best experiences of your life!  Enjoy EVERY moment!

Carter Brown

Miss North Carolina Jr. Pre-Teen 2012