Golfing reminds me that October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

breast_cancerI love to play golf, if I could I would play everyday.  My dream retirement would be the old man that sits at the first tee with an Arnold Palmer in hand and tells each group that it’s their turn to go.  (That job is called “the starter” for all you non-golfers, and an Arnold Palmer is half lemonade and half ice tea, named for the famous golfer who invented it)

Anyways, this past golf season the #2 golfer in the world, Phil Mickelson, took time off the the tour to care for his wife, Amy, who had been diagnosed with Breast Cancer.  In this tragedy, Phil saw an opportunity to educate a group normally not exposed to breast cancer awareness, so this leads me to pass this information on to you.

The National Breast Cancer Awareness Month (NBCAM) program is dedicated to increasing awareness about the importance of the early detection of breast cancer through a nationwide campaign held in October. NBCAM started as a week long campaign in 1985 with 2 founding members. Today the American Cancer Society is one of many national public service organizations, professional associations, and government agencies that form the NBCAM Board of Sponsors. During NBCAM, the member organizations of the Board of Sponsors join forces to spread the message that early detection of breast cancer followed by prompt treatment saves lives. (Credit American Cancer Society)

Many National American Miss contestants, queens, cover girls and families have volunteered at events, participated in walks and spoken at events to raise awareness of this important issue.  Take the time this month to find out how to get involved, find out how to make a difference, find out how to raise awareness!


Here’s a good place to get started: or

NAM Oregon Princess Queen Gabriella Torkornoo volunteered at the Oregon state fair

NAM Oregon Princess Queen Gabriella Torkornoo volunteered at the Oregon state fair

Oregon Princess Queen Gabriella Torkornoo volunteered at the Oregon state fair as a greeter and handed out programs on Aug. 28, 2009.  She enjoyed being the official greeter at the front Gate on opening day of the fair.  This State fair marked Oregon’s 150th anniversary!  Gabriella handed out programs and got her picture taken for the local newspaper.  It was a long day standing in the rain at times, but the happy face never left this 5 year old.  That same evening she was invited to hand out winning ribbons at the horse show that was held at the fair.  The emcee of the show commented that he was impressed at how comfortable and professional she seemed while getting her pictures taken with the winners and their horses.  He said “Not many adults, let alone children I’ve seen are that comfortable standing next to a horse”.  Gabriella’s mother told me “I was happily surprised to see Gabriella act so professional and enjoy what she was doing.  It seemed like she was an old pro at it.  What a great feeling it is to see your child blossom right in front of your eyes!   What a joy it is to watch them find something they are really good at and enjoy!  Thank you NAM for giving Gabriella this opportunity and allowing me to see her run with it!”

NAM and Ronald McDonald House

NAM Miss Oregon and Ronald McDonald House
NAM Miss Oregon and Ronald McDonald House

The Miss Oregon royalty recently met at the North Portland Ronald McDonald House, bringing and making lunch and dessert for the families that are staying there. After lunch, the girls hosted bingo, and then even got a tour of the amazing facility afterwards. The families were very appreciative and enjoyed eating lunch and chatting with the queens. One family in particular, from Alaska, was so thankful and asked us to take a picture of the queens with their family. Their 13 year old son was rushed to Portland all the way from Alaska for open heart surgery. He had the surgery 3 days before we came and was getting to go home that day! They really enjoyed getting to have a great meal and conversation with some amazing girls. Attached is the picture we took of them, along with a couple others from the day. Pictured are Kelli McBee (Teen Queen), Alexandra Perry (Preteen Queen), Madeline Monlux (Jr Preteen Queen), and Gabriella Torkornoo (Princess Queen).  The girls had a great time spending time together and making plans for future projects, as well as meeting up at nationals.


2009 National American Miss Oregon Queens Make Their First Appearance!

On June 3rd, The Miss Oregon Queens made their first appearance together in the Rose Festival Junior Rose Parade which is the largest children’s parade in the country.  Gabriella Torkonoo (Princess Queen), Madeline Monlux (Jr. Pre Teen Cover Girl)

National American Miss Oregon Queens Make Their First Appearance!
National American Miss Oregon Queens Make Their First Appearance!

 and Summer Pilcher (Jr. Teen Queen) walked the three mile parade route, waving and enjoying time spent together as sister queens!

Queens Working To Cure Cancer!

National American Miss and American Cancer Society

This past week Nicole Renard volunteered for Making Strides in Kennewick.  It was a walk to raise money for breast cancer through the American Cancer Society.  Here are a few photos.

Giving Blood, Portland Trailblazers and National American Miss sister queens!

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Making A Difference With Old Shoes

Olivia Wright Making A Difference With Old Shoes and National American Miss Pageants

olivia-shoesThis past weekend I got a couple of emails from families who have been in our pageant about a new charity that has been started by a contestant from the National American Miss Pageants.  Olivia Wright, age 10, has numerous pageant accolades and titles including state photogenic, casual wear modeling and actress winner along with being a national ambassador.  But even cooler than that is that Olivia has started a charity call H.U.G.S. (Help Us Give Shoes).  Here is an excerpt from her website (

Hi! My name is Olivia Wright… welcome to my website all about my community service project, Help Us Give Shoes — or, just H.U.G.S.! I am so happy you stopped by ! It is my hope that as you check out my page, you will be inspired  to go out and see where YOU can help make a difference in our world!  

I am a ten-year-old girl who one day is going to be a doctor and missionary, helping people all over the world. Until then, I spend my free time volunteering for organizations I love. Some people would like me to believe that I am too young to make a difference, but I know that kids my age can make a difference.    I have also learned that giving is it’s own reward.  

As you can see Olivia is an amazing kid! 

Olivia-I am so proud of you.  You are inspirational to me and everyone around you!


Please visit Olivia’s website at

National American Miss Pageants Photo Shoot

Each year the 12 national queens for National American Miss Pageants descend on Houston for the Official Photo shoot.  This is a time not only to have thousands of photos taken, but also to make memories, have fun as sister queens and plan for a summer of fun as visiting royalty.  Check out the video below to see the highlights from this year’s photo shoot.

Madeline Monlux Speaks Her Mind To Portland’s Mayor

Madeline Monlux Speaks Her Mind To Portland’s Mayor

National American Miss Pageants

Recently Madeline Monlux, National American Miss Pageants Portland representative met with Mayor  Tom Porter to speak about the importance of youth volunteering.

Even at a young age Madeline is very passionate about volunteering and getting both kids and adults involved in their towns, cities, and communities.