Newly crowned, Maryanna Hatcher, National American Miss South Carolina helped at the Georgia state pageant.

Maryanna Maryanna.JPG2 Maryanna.JPG3 Maryanna.JPG4Newly crowned, Maryanna Hatcher, National American Miss South Carolina helped at the Georgia state pageant. Maryanna got crowned as the Miss Queen in Greenville, South Carolina. She then jumped right into serving and volunteering by heading to the Georgia state pageant in Atlanta, Georgia.


Miss South Carolina Princess Saylor Porcaro volunteered at a shelter.

Saylor Saylor2Miss South Carolina Princess Saylor Porcaro volunteered at a shelter. She collected towels for pet helpers to use at their shelter. They use towels for different things such as, making dog toys, beds for animals etc. Last November Saylor and her family lost their beloved family pet Dusty to sudden heart failure. During Dusty’s stay at the emergency vet Saylor was very interested in their program they have for unwanted stuffed animals. They use them for the animals in their care there so their family can leave their scent on a stuffed animal for their pet to snuggle while away from their family.  She collected stuffed animals for the emergency vet to use with their patients.  Although their Dusty never left the emergency vet, they will continue to do this in her honor cause they know that a little piece of them was with her when they couldn’t be via a donated stuffed animal. Saylor loves animals and just to help wherever she can.

Miss South Carolina Teen, Hunter Vaughn donated books to Livi’s Library.

HunterMiss South Carolina Teen, Hunter Vaughn donated books to Livi’s Library.  Livi’s Library is a book project that is designed to share gently used books who children who otherwise could not afford books of their very own. They collect gently used books that children have outgrown. Donations allow them to hold book fairs at local schools, provide bookcases and stock them monthly in various areas in Lancaster county, provide books to church mission programs, etc.

This project is in memory of Mary Olivia Pettit, 9 year old daughter of Bryan and Lisa Pettit, sister of Jory Pettit, who died March 22, 2009, of viral myocarditis. Livi had a great passion for learning through books. Even more, she had an incredible compassion for living things and her faith in the Lord was sure. The hope is this gift of sharing will impact others so they will know God’s love and grace as well.

Lexie Spooner, Miss South Carolina Jr. Pre-Teen, welcomes this years contestants!

SC Jr Pre-Teen SC Jr Pre-Teen.jpg2 SC Jr Pre-Teen.jpg3

Dear South Carolina Jr. Pre-Teen contestants,

I am your 2014 Miss South Carolina Jr. Pre-Teen state queen. Since I was crowned queen last summer, I have done so many exciting things to make a difference in my community. I became a volunteer at my local animal shelter and have helped out a lot with the animals. I also organized a supply drive and bake sale. It was so fun and exciting to see how many people cared about the animals. I helped to raise over $350 and a truckload of supplies for the animals. I also have been a part of other fundraisers for the animal shelter.

Being a state queen has meant a lot to me. I now have a responsibility to be a positive role model to other girls. Earning this title has made me more confident with myself and has taught me so many lifelong skills.

If I could offer any advice to other girls in this pageant, it would be this: Always, always stay true to yourself and have confidence in who you are. It can be scary getting up in front of people you don’t know, especially if you are a little country girl from a small town like me! Always hold your head high and wear your invisible crown. I wish the best of luck to you, not only on your pageant weekend, but in everything that you do!

Sincerely Yours,

Lexie Spooner

National American Miss South Carolina Christy Green bids farewell to her year of service!

SC Miss SC Miss2

June 19 2015

I can’t believe how fast the year has gone by. I enjoyed my exciting, busy, and fun filled week in California. We had so much fun in Disneyland, from riding the rides and touring Hollywood, But most of all making new friends from different states and seeing new and exciting things. I have been spending my time volunteering and being in parades.

To mom thank you for always being there for us no matter what, even when you were down you still encouraged us to study hard for our exams and in the end you where there with a smile and just as proud of all of us mom we can’t ask for nothing more of you as always you put us first before yourself I love you mom always.

To all the girls competing, remember what the true meaning of success is. Compete against yourself and be the best you, tonight and for the rest of your life. I hope you have all learned something about yourself this weekend. For all of the young ladies tonight, I wish you walk out of here knowing you are smarter than you think, more beautiful than you see, and more empowered than you feel. There is nothing in between you and your desires other than obstacle you yourself have put in place.

To the new Miss South Carolina, get ready for the unexpected! You are going to have the time of your life! You will filled with excitement, unforgettable moments. Just remember to carry yourself with grace and poise. Your beauty will shine through humbleness and modesty, so stay grounded but be ready to take flight.

This night may mark the end of my reign as Miss South Carolina, but I have only just crossed the starting line of a race that will last a lifetime.

Good Luck,

From Your 2014 Miss South Carolina Christy Green

2014 Miss South Carolina Teen Aundrea Green welcomes this years contestants!

SC Teen Queen

June 19, 2015

Its incredible how fast time flies when you’re having fun. During my reign I was able to promote my platform of volunteering by spending my free time at the food bank, local homeless shelters, parades and participating in the American cancer society relay for life. I had the opportunity to meet so many people from different cultures and age groups around the country.

At the national pageant I got to know a lot of great girls and we had a blast at Disneyland. I am proud to have had the pleasure of upholding the traditional values of national American miss. I learned how to have poise, self-confidence and I received great interview skills. The girls and I bonded over our trip to Space Mountain and our adventures on the Hollywood tour. It was an unbelievable experience.

To my mom and dad I want to thank you for supporting me from the very beginning. You have always been there from pinning me up to making the last minute touches before going on stage. To my director Matt Leverton, thank you for supporting me and my family in this amazing journey that started out in your preteen division. To my NAMILY I am forever grateful that you all are such a great support system. For all the contestants tonight just know that you have come so far on an amazing journey, so tonight when you leave hold your head up high knowing that you’ve accomplished so much this weekend. To my successor, this is just the beginning of a dream come true. Spread your wings and take every opportunity that comes your way. You are a girl with dreams, you are National American Miss. I wish you great success in all of your endeavors.

I am your 2014  Miss South Carolina Teen Aundrea Green.

Hannah Jacks, Miss South Carolina Jr. Teen Queen, says farewell to her year of service!


Dear Contestants,

Congratulations, and welcome to the Miss South Carolina Pageant! I am truly looking forward to meeting each and every one of you. This weekend is going to be very exciting and an adventure you will always remember!

Being Miss SC Jr. Teen has been such a blessing to me. It allowed me the opportunity to volunteer at the Ronald McDonald House Charities, making pop tab bracelets, which helped to raise money for the organization. I also volunteered for Big Brothers Big Sisters at their Bowl for Kid’s Sake and helped at the spring 2015 Special Olympics. All the while, meeting some amazing people along the way!

Going to Nationals in California is an experience I will never forget! From competing with the best of the best to touring the streets of Hollywood, my time at Nationals is something I will treasure forever! I can honestly say I have made friendships that will last a lifetime.

Remember to always smile, have fun, and make as many new friends as you can. Above all else, believe in yourself. You are already a winner!

As my journey comes to an end and a new one begins for one of you special girls, I wish you all the best life can bring!

Wishing you the Best Always,

Hannah Jacks

South Carolina Princess Queen Anna-Grace Reep volunteered at the South Carolina March of Dimes.

Anna Grace Reep Anna Grace Reep.png2 Anna Grace Reep.png3 Anna Grace Reep.png4 Anna Grace Reep.png5South Carolina Princess Queen Anna-Grace Reep volunteered at the South Carolina March of Dimes. Anna-Grace walked with her best friend and classmate Abby Carter who was the ambassador for Newberry County March of Dimes event. Anna-Grace was part of her school team Newberry Academy. Her school team raised the most money and won an award. March of Dimes is a charity that has touched Anna-Grace as her best friend Abby and her older sister Bethany were both premature babies. 

Bailee Smith, Miss South Carolina Pre-Teen danced for the Cancer Association.

Bailee Smith Bailee Smith.jpg2 Bailee Smith.jpg3Bailee Smith, Miss South Carolina Pre-Teen danced for the Cancer Association. Bailee participated in Dancing with the Spartanburg Stars. Hundreds of thousands of dollars were raised for the Cancer Association for Spartanburg and Cherokee Counties.

Anna Grace Reep, Miss South Carolina Princess, has been busy volunteering around town.

AOG AD donating to NA donations LM parade pic lm parade2 NAM queens at MCI photshoot with mayors Queen at sponsor SC Princess Anna Grace Reep, Miss South Carolina Princess, has been busy volunteering around town.  Anna-Grace was in the Little Mountain Reunion parade in August representing NAM as Miss South Carolina Princess. It is South Carolina’s Oldest Folk Festival and part of her hometown of Newberry County. Even in a light rain, Anna-Grace rode in the parade & afterwards visited with some of the crowd talking about NAM and how it promotes confidence in their girls.
She then met with the Head of School at her school to donate school supplies that were collected at her South Carolina state pageant. Brian Fitzgerald, Head of Newberry Academy thanked her for such a generous donation to go toward the student body. He is so proud of his second grader who is South Carolina Princess for National American Miss. Anna Grace participates in Eaglette Cheerleading and is on the High Honor Roll for the school.

Anna-Grace also met with the Mayors of the towns in Newberry County South Carolina last night.  She met with the Mayor Lisha Senn of Silverstreet, SC; Mayor Darryl Hentz of Pomaria, SC; Mayor Derek Underwood of Prosperity, SC ; and Mayor Foster Senn of Newberry. They all wanted to meet with her and wish her luck as she will represent our community & state at Nationals. 

Also she met with Mayor Derek Underwood privately as he welcomed her nonprofit thrift store Angels of Grace to the town of Prosperity. She had appeared in an advertisement with her sister in the Newberry Magazine where the Thrift Store had moved to Prosperity. It was featured on page 24 in the September/October edition. Anna-Grace is the ambassador and a volunteer in the non-profit store. She helped it moved and works in the store setting up displays, sorting clothes, and also helping children shop in the store.

After a busy  day with school, cheerleading practice & appearances, she stopped by one of her proud sponsors Zesto’s of Newberry to get supper. Mr. Jack the owner knows that their Fried Chicken is her favorite food. They always have their NAM Queen a chicken leg & a milkshake ready.

Baylee Smith SC Pre-Teen Queen and Anna-Grace SC Princess together at Toni Buskers Workshop in Greenville.  Anna-Grace attended last year’s MCI event in Nashville and is part of the MCI family.